Bali Blinds, a Cape Town blind manufacturing company specialises in custom made bamboo and wooden blinds. It is also a supplier of the Fashionable wooden and aluminium Venetian blinds.

Bali Blinds has a long history of providing good service and first class blinds having been in existence since 1972.

Bali Blinds is now under the same ownership as the well known company, Window Shades.


Bali Blinds has a unique feature. The blinds can be  spray painted and made to match any colour scheme. A popular one being the lime washed finish which is a winning choice when  decorating beach houses.

The blinds can be wood-stained in a choice of colour to enable one to mix and match with any existing wooden furniture.


There is a variety of bamboo and woven wood materials to choose from. The popular matchstick material  works well for filtering the sunlight as well as for  providing privacy. The woven wood is a solid material which does not allow the light through.

Another variety of material is the split bamboo . This has a natural tortoise shell look it and is a favourite for  game lodges and country houses.


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